Virtual Research Associates, Inc., founded in 1996, is a company dedicated to making the social, political, cultural and economic costs of conflict transparent. Our chief system product—the VRA® Knowledge Manager—is the first open system, PC-based, syntax parser and analysis application designed to track and compare the real-time evolution of conflict around the world. VRA’s services have been contracted by the various branches of the US military, US government agencies, nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations.

VRA’s mission

Our mission is to bring automated conflict analysis to international finance, commerce, and communications firms – companies whose interests depend upon an accurate assessment of trends in conflict interactions via-a-vis a real-time system which is flexible, user customizable, intuitive and easy to learn, and cost effective to operate. With the power to know the social, political, cultural and economic costs of conflict, the leaders of multinational companies will be able to confidently navigate their firms through the uncertainties of the emerging global market. In an era of constantly changing terrain, the road to profitability is increasingly intertwined with the paths to peace.

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